eye problems during rainy season

How to protect your eyes this rainy season?

The rainy season can make you excited because after the hot season, a cold season is now coming. But you should be aware that rainy season can cause different sickness and pay attention about “eye care”. This season your eyes are present in different infections. It is because of the air that contains moisture, which is spreading the virus.

Some of the eye problems may encounter this season are corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis, irritation, and dry eyes. Some of them can affect your sight permanently, that’s why you should take of care your eyes especially this time. Below are some tips how to prevent eye problems during the season.

  • If you have conjunctivitis, wash your eyes gently, use cold compresses and consult your doctor if it get worse.
  • Wash your hand first before touching your eyes. Avoid touching it if your hands are dirty.
  • Don’t share or used towels with others to prevent getting infected and to avoid spreading the infection.
  • Use eye drops as your doctor’s advice. Avoid using over-the-counter medication.
  • Wear eyeglasses frame or sunglass to protect your eyes.
  • Irritation, itchiness and redness of eyes may experience more during the season. These may notice for the people who stay long staring at the computer and reading book. Always do the 20-20-20 rules. (See: Tips to protect your eyes from Computer Strain)
  • Don’t wear contact lenses when eyes are experiencing red eyes, irritation and other eye problem. It may add irritation.
  • Used only water proof makeup from reputed brands.

Consult your eye doctor for more information on how to treat your eyes. Protect your eyes during rainy season.

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